• Anesthesia Houses

  • The Anesthesia Houses are an innovative program designed to foster small close-knit communities within a large, multi-site academic department. Each resident is assigned to one of three houses (Johnston, Jenkins, Giesecke) who along with participating faculty engage in a number of scheduled events throughout the year. These events range from casual social dinners hosted in faculty homes to sponsored informational meetings with legal and financial professionals. The primary goals of this program are to:

    • Promote horizontal and vertical professional mentoring between residents of different classes
    • Facilitate development of out of hospital friendships and family communities
    • Provide a casual forum for participating faculty to impart real-world advice to young professionals which lies outside the scope of the hospital environment

    To support the growth of the Anesthesia Houses, we have unveiled a brand new wellness curriculum this past Fall. The goal of the wellness curriculum is to provide useful tools (articles, books/book excerpts, TED talks, poems, group activity ideas, etc, each with an associated prompt) to facilitate discussion on a broad range of wellness-related topics. Topics covered will include:

    • Resiliency
    • Effective Coping Strategies 
    • Practice of Positive Psychology 
    • Mindfulness Practices 
    • Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness 
    • Recognizing and Coping with Burnout 
    • Substance Abuse 
    • Mental Health Disturbances 
    • Financial Stability (an all-house event on this topic will take place at some point this year) 

    In a large program spread across multiple clinical sites, we would like to avoid residents feeling disconnected from the core program and their classmates. The Anesthesia Houses project is our newest initiative to ensure that our residents are fully supported throughout their careers.