• UTSW Anesthesia Department @ ASA 2019!
  • Resident Presenters
    • Dr. Alla Yarmosh- Acute post-operative MI without troponin elevation and unchanged Cardiac Catherization(Faculty= Dr. Pamela Fox and Dr Dawood Nasir)
    • Dr. David Depinto
      • Ketamine and Lidocaine Infusions as Supplementary Analgesics in a Patient w/ Hemophilia A and Acute on Chronic Joint Pain and Hemarthroses (Faculty= Dr. Enas Kandil)
      • Anesthetic Management of a Patient w/ Tension Pneumothorax From Posterior Spinal Fusion (Faculty= Dr Nathaniel Loo)
      • Anesthetic Challenges of Informed Consent and Perioperative Anxiety in a Pediatric Patient with Burn Injuries (Faculty= Dr. Julie Kaesberg)
    • Dr. Douglas Huynh- Airway Management of a Large Left Neck Mass and Left Vallecular Cyst Scheduled for Thyroid Lobectomy (Faculty=Dr. Jeremy Wong) 
    • Dr. Emily Turner- Diaphragmatic Weakness postoperatively (Faculty=Dr. Joy Chen)
    • Dr. Jeffery Chen-
      • Sedation or patient with Dystonia (Faculty= Dr. Peiman Lahsaei)
      • The Impact of Nationwide Hyperbaric Bupivacaine Shortage on Spinal Anesthesia in Patients Undergoing Postpartum Bilateral Tubal Ligation (Faculty=Dr. Enas Kandil and Dr. Nwamaka Nnamani
    • Dr. Jennifer Davis-
      • Mucus Plugging Functioning as a Ball-Valve Creating Tension Physiology (Faculty= Brian Bravenec)
      • Acute Rupture of Chronic Descending Aortic Dissection (Dr. Pamela Fox)
      • Bullous Reaction Following Peripheral Injection of Calcium Chloride (Dr. Megan Maxwell)
    • Dr. Joe Sofia-
      • Navigating the Airway with Stereotactic Headframe in Situ (Faculty= Dr. Omaira Azizad)
      • Diagnosis and Management of Acute Baclofen Withdrawal (Faculty=Dr. Bryan Romito)
    • Dr. Landon Coldiron- Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity after Axillary Brachial Plexus Block
    • Dr. Louise Gliga- Dexmedetomidine: Hemodynamic Side Effects or Masking Anaphylaxis (Faculty=Dr. Tri Phung)
    • Dr. Matt Bourneuf- Emergent Management of Acute Ascending Aortic Rupture after Failure of Initial Conservative Treatment (Faculty=(Dr. Aditee Ambardekar)
    • Dr. Rachel Kozinn- Acute Hypoxic Respiratory Failure in Patient w/ HPS and Large PFO following Orthotopic Liver Transplant (Faculty= Dr. Peiman Lahsaei)
    • Dr. Roby Ackerman-
      • Anesthetic Considerations of a Patient with Acute Psychosis, Polysubstance Abuse, and a Morbidly Adherent Cesarean Scar Pregnancy (Faculty= Dr. Weike Tao)
      • Anesthetic and Pain Management Challenges and Considerations in a Patient with Opioid-induced Hyperalgesia Receiving Daily General Anesthesia (Faculty= Dr. Enas Kandil)
  • Med Student Presenters
  • Sample of Medstudent Presenters
    • Sadia Karani, BS-- P.I.= Dr. Tiffany Moon 
      • "Ideal" Ventilation Strategy for the Obese Patient
      • Rent Cocaine Use and the Effect on Perioperative Hemodynamic and Cardiac Events
    • Maria Lima, BS-- P.I.= Dr. Enas Kandil
      • The Effect of Intraoperative Opioid Dose on Postoperative Opioid Requirements and Recovery in Spine Surgery Patients: A Retrospective Review
  • Faculty Involvement/Talks at ASA
  • Dr. Luis Zabala: Leader in Novel Use of Ultrasonography in Everyday Pediatric Anesthesia Session

    Dr. Tiffany Moon: Panel on Anesthesia for the Obese Patient

    Dr. Stephanie Byerly: Leader in "Women Don't Ask: Boost your Confidence and Hone Your Negotiating Skills" (Workshop focusing on female physicians building their negotiating skills)

    Dr. Anthony Machi: Speaker in Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain: Epidurals and Other Clinical Issues Session

    Dr. Stephen Kimatian: Leader in the Resident Leadership Workshop

    Dr. Isaac Lynch: Leader in the Perioperative Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop



  • ASA 2019- Work Hard
  • <------At UTSW, we strongly believe that confe. ences are an amazing
    educational experience for trainees and faculty.......
    ......But we also take the time to enjoy ourselves and take in the sights------------->
  • ASA 2019- Play Hard
  • Dr. Jerome Adams, Current Surgeon General, paid us a visit!
  • Louise Gliga w/ Surgeon General!

    Rachel Kozinn, CA-1 w/ Surgeon General!

    Dr. Stephanie Byerly with Jerome Adams