• Dr. Whitten received this from Parsia Vagefi:

    Despite the obstacles we all faced in 2020,  it was another amazing year for abdominal transplantation at CUH – 112 liver and 231 kidney transplants (a combined 28% increase compared to 2019; and a remarkable 206% increase compared to 2017)! In 2020, we remained the largest liver transplant program in North Texas, became the largest kidney transplant program in North Texas, and positioned ourselves within the top quartile of programs nationally by volume. In addition to the impressive growth, this past year we added to our growing list of notables: the first program in Texas to transplant an HIV positive donor organ, UTSW’s first domino liver transplant, and a continued record expansion of both our living donor liver and kidney transplant programs, to name a few. In addition, we continued to maintain outstanding quality for our patients- some of the shortest lengths of stay following transplant in the Nation (liver 5 days, kidney 3 days), and excellent post-transplant survival. Indeed, in recognition of your work, in 2020 the UT Southwestern Leaders in Clinical Excellence Awards chose the Abdominal Transplant Program to receive the Program Development Award. 

    With 2021 on the horizon, our amazing team continues to grow and innovate despite the extraordinary challenges we have faced this past year. With the support of our dedicated transplant administration and health system leadership, we continue to add expertise to our outstanding team and adapt our practices to the challenges faced with an ongoing pandemic. As we welcome the New Year and reflect on challenges past and those to come, take this time to also realize the immense good you have done for so many in 2020. Your humility and compassion in caring for our patients has touched many lives, and in doing so honored the priceless gift of life provided by our donors and their families.

    On behalf of the members of the Division of Surgical Transplantation, and our Liver and Kidney Transplant Medical Directors, a sincere thanks for your unrelenting commitment to excellence, our patients, and each other. We wish you a Happy New Year, and look forward to new beginnings in 2021! Your anesthesiology team has been fantastic!