• Dr. Hardman sent the note below to Steven Zheng and Daniel Hart:

    “A discussion on the blood management of that emergent case from 12/22 (last Tuesday) reminded me that I wanted to let both of you know what a great job you both did on an extremely tough case. It was a busy day at the front desk and slipped my mind with the holiday but deserves sincere recognition. Patient was on extreme doses of inotropes/vasopressors with an acute abdomen that came screaming downstairs without so much as type and screen or coags. The surgeon stated to me that thought the patient was likely to expire on the table. The case was managed beautifully with triaging labs, access, having blood products available on the situation that patient decompensated when the abdomen was opened, and a dozen other issues. At the conclusion of the case the patient was delivered to the ICU with a completely corrected coagulation status and on a nearly a tenth of the inotrope/vasopressor support that came to us on. The team even triaged the patient towards the correct ICU team (Callie Ebeling in the SICU) for their management over the next several days to current.  Now extubated in the SICU and although has a difficult path has a chance for a positive outcome. I apologize for not sending this earlier and thanks again for the awesome effort.”