• Letter of Intent to Conduct Clinical or Translational Research Form

  • UT Southwestern Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management Faculty who are interested in conducting clinical or translational research studies are asked to provide the information below in order for the Department to optimally allocate the Department’s research personnel and resources. Resources include assistance with IRB protocol submission, data collection, statistical analyses, preparation for publication of a research manuscript, and supplies and equipment.

    Please list all medical students, residents, fellows or CRNAs who are working on this project. Please include name, school, and role on project.

    Request for:
    Research study coordinator assistance with IRB protocol development/submission
    Research study coordinator or research assistant support for study enrollment, database development or data collection
    Assistance with research budgeting for grants or intramural financial research requests
    Data analyst support for data extraction from Epic
    Seed money for material project support
    Biostatistical support (please additionally fill out item 6)
    Meeting with Grants and Contracts Specialist

    Statistical Request for:
    Study Design and Planning
    Power Calculation
    Interim Analysis
    Abstract/Manuscript Preparation