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M.T "Pepper" Jenkins Award

The M.T. “Pepper “ Jenkins Award is presented by the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management in recognition of the UT Southwestern Medical Student who has demonstrated exceptional clinical performance to the faculty and staff. This award acknowledges a student with enthusiasm for the specialty of Anesthesiology. This year’s recipient has distinguished herself among UT Southwestern students and should be a highly motivated, self-directed resident, and future leader in Anesthesiology. We are honored to acknowledge Jia Wang as this year’s M.T. “Pepper” Jenkins Outstanding Medical Students.

2019 Christopher McElrath & Hannah Virsolav
2018 Jim Sheng & Madeline Cullins
2017 Grayson Jeffrey Koval
2016 Mary Brehm & Jenny Ringqvist
2015 Keerthan Somanath
2014 Hooman Heravi
2013 Jia Wang
2012 Amy Marino
2011 Shaheen Hajibashi & Christina Wang
2010 Meghan McDonald
2009 Laura Ley & Laura Ryan
2008 Tiffany Sun & Alycia Wanat
2007 Benjamin Martinez
2006 Elizabeth Rose Scardello
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