• Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine
  • Fellows will pursue a comprehensive, ACGME accredited, 12-month experience in regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine. Training will include peripheral nerve, nerve plexus, truncal blockade and neuraxial procedures and acute pain medicine for surgical and nonsurgical patients including perineural catheters, ultrasound-guided and nerve stimulator localization techniques. Through a fellowship in regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine an individual will progress in his or her development as a perioperative physician and develop the expertise to excel in academic and private practice environments.

    The structure of this fellowship is consistent with the ACGME guidelines and sub-specialty common program requirements.

    Goals and Objectives

    • Provide in depth training in regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine for graduates of accredited anesthesiology residency programs
    • Prepare fellowship graduates for academic careers in anesthesiology
    • Prepare fellowship graduates to lead peri-operative teams of interdisciplinary personnel
    • Expose fellows to clinical research related to regional anesthesia
    • Prepare fellowship graduates to teach and train students, residents and colleagues
    • Prepare fellowship graduates to facilitate optimal operating room management via enhanced patient recovery through the techniques and skills of regional anesthesia

    Clinical Sites

    • UTSW: William P. Clements, Jr. University Hospital, Zale Lipshy University Hospital, Outpatient Surgery Center: Regional Anesthesia ( 4 months) and Acute Pain Service (1.5 months) 
    • Parkland Hospital System: Regional Anesthesia (4 months) and Acute Pain Service (1.5 months)
    • Eugene McDermott Pain Management Center: chronic pain (2 weeks)
    • Children's Health System: Pediatric Regional Anesthesia (2 weeks)

    Academic Expectations

    The fellow will be expected to participate in departmental scholarly activities including participation in clinical research. Additionally, the fellow will be expected to present at journal club and divisional meetings. The fellow will be expected to engage in at least one novel scholarly project of his or her development. Examples include but are not limited to clinical research, book chapter writing, abstract or oral presentation at a national meeting. The fellow will be expected to attend the annual meeting of the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.


    • Formal weekly lecture series
    • Longitudinal curriculum
    • Monthly journal club
    • Annual ultrasound workshop


    We accept the Common Application as found on American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA) website HERE. We also require the following documents for a complete application to be considered for an interview: 

    • Digital photo
    • Current curriculum vitae
    • Copy of medical school transcript
    • Copy of medical school performance evaluation/Dean's Letter
    • Copy of USMLE/Comlex 1-3
    • Copy of all in-training examinations
    • 3 letters of reference: one from Department Chair or Residency Director and the other two from current attending physicians or faculty

    Please upload all files, with the exception of LORs, HERE and upload your LORs HERE