• Resident Wellness Committee

  • In January 2017, our program supported and funded the formation of a resident wellness committee, made up of residents from each year of training. The structure of the committee is designed for it to be transparent, independent, and self-sustainable. There are three roles on the wellness committee, chair, vice-chair, and member. The chair position is preferably held by a senior resident, while the vice-chair position is held by a junior resident. As a graduating system, the position of chair is filled by the vice-chair upon graduation of the active chair. At that time, the new chair will recruit a replacement vice-chair from current and active members. This committee is supervised by two faculty members, who meet quarterly with the committee to ensure its welfare and that goals are being met.

    Mission Statement – To be an advocate for resident well-being while promoting resident resiliency and a wellness culture within the department.

    Pillars –

    • Advocacy – Reaching out to residents during times of personal or professional stress/struggle to provide support or counseling. Advocating for anesthesia residents on an institutional-level via the GME sub-committee on Resident Wellness.
    • Education and Awareness – Integrating physician wellness into the curriculum via lectures, grand rounds, and journal club. Promoting awareness and access to information related to physician wellness, such as hotline numbers for depression, suicide, and substance abuse.
    • Resident Opportunities – Highlight, encourage, and assist residents with opportunities available to them, such as the ASA Global Health initiative, FAER research scholar, or ASA Policy Research rotation.
    • Research – Use the committee as a platform for active research into resident physician wellness that can inform the committee’s practice and role.


    Current Committee Members:

    Asif Khan (CA3; PGY4) – Chair, founder

    Osa Obanor (CA2; PGY3 ) – Vice-Chair, founder

    Jenny Ringqvist (CA2; PGY3) – Member

    Seth Nelson (CA2; PGY3) – Member

    Jeffrey Chen (CA1; PGY2) – Member

    Stephen Topper (CA0; PGY1) - Member