• What is it?

    It is our attempt at fostering community and mentorship within the department and to legitimize and support the development of personal hobbies/interests outside of work in hopes of encouraging more balanced lifestyles and improved personal wellness.



    • First we collect data regarding hobbies/common interests of Residents/Attendings in our department and allow this information to be public knowledge so people can know of others who share common interests
    • From there we encourage residents and faculty to pair together to develop event proposals. Each proposal is reviewed and if able to generate a reasonable level of interest and deemed appropriate, the Department subsidizes the cost of the event
    • Events are meant to be things that individuals would likely do on their own time, except now they're doing these things with the companionship of their colleagues and possible faculty mentors, allowing for connections within our department to grow!!

    Stay Tuned for more....


  • Examples of Upcoming Events?

  • See Below for Past Events!
  • The Art of Observation @ DMA 10/03/19
  • Art of Observation @ DMA 10/2019
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure -->

    Anesthesia faculty and staff participating in 5K walk/run fundraiser for Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness!!

  • Susan G Komen Race For The Cure
  • Paintball with the boys!!!

  • Resident Attending Retreat! 11/8/19-11/11/19
  • Dallas BMW Team Relay Marathon 12/15/19

    5 relay teams (with subsidized entry fee sponsored by the department) competed in the Dallas BMW Marathon. Hoping to have this jumpstart a future running club!

  • Dallas BMW marathon 12/15/19
  • Coffee Connoisseur Life..Coffee tasting event 02/29/20
  • Coffee tasting event 2/29/20